Why did I start Uncle Larry’s Schlumpia® ?

I recently retired from my corporate job after 30 1/2 years.  Although my career was in Information Systems, I always had an interest in food.  I started   Uncle Larry’s Schlumpia® to pursue my culinary interests, create my next career,  experience building a startup and most of all, to let people try something new and delicious.  

Schlumpia® are simply:   Filipino spring rolls (lumpia), filled with Jewish inspired recipes;  Schlumpia® .  

(Potato Onion Schlumpia® with Greek Yogurt and chive dipping sauce)

The key elements of the business will be based on authentic inspired recipes, the highest quality ingredients (fresh, and often organic, local and and seasonal).

How will Schlumpia® evolve?  I’m not really sure yet.  It will start as a catering business and  then maybe a stand at festivals/farmers markets, a food truck, small restaurant or even a product you can buy at your local specialty store or supermarket.   I’ll be blogging about experience, new recipes, etc.  I welcome your ideas and suggestions as I move ahead with this venture.  Remember, “Everything tastes better in a Schlumpia®“.

To order call (908) 938-3722 or email order@schlumpia.com

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