Schlumpia® for Passover?

Like so many questions, the answer is "it depends" All Schlumpia® varieties are "Kosher Style" meaning they don't contain pork, shellfish, or mix milk and meat. During the Jewish festival of Passover, followers aren't permitted to eat flour that rises. That means no white bread, pizza, cakes; only matzah - unleavened bread. Schlumpia® wrappers are made from wheat flour, water, and coconut oil. Technically, they may not be considered kosher for Passover, but they have no leavening and give me a break: they are thinner than matzah!, so we think they are part of a well-balanced diet known as "Kosher for Passover Style".

I know many people who keep kosher for Passover at the first seder, and maybe the second night too. About 3 days into it, they're eating bacon and eggs on matzah and by the last day, they're wolfing down sausage parm subs on thick crusty bread. At Uncle Larry's Schlumpia®, we don't judge, so if you agree that Schlumpia® are permissible to eat during the holiday, then go for it. If not, just wait a week before you go back to enjoying Pastrami, Brisket, or Apple Strudel Schlumpia®

Wishing those who celebrate a meaningful holiday.

Picture below are "the four kashas" (that is four Kasha Varnishkes Schlumpia®)

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