Schlumpia® Cocktail Franks – They’re a Weiner!

I once went to a French cooking class taught by a classically trained chef.  He was complaining that although he painstakingly makes Coq Au Vin, Coquilles Saint-Jacques and Cassoulet, Americans are more excited about a specific pedestrian food, “How you Americans say – pigs in the blanket”.  I can relate.  I get rave reviews about my Schlumpia® fillings: brisket with wine, garlic, sliced onions, San Marzano tomatoes, and freshly harvested herbs that roasts gently for 3 hours or my home cured , freshly ground spice rubbed pastrami that  is slow-cooked for 6 hours.  Both these dishes then must cool overnight before being thin sliced on a deli slicer (quite involved to say the least).  But, people seem to really love my “Cocktail Franks Schlumpia®“.  I don’t call them “Pigs in a blanket” since it doesn’t sound kosher:)

I didn’t want to use typical mini hot dogs that you find as hors d’oeuvres at weddings, but something a bit more substantial.   I used the biggest kosher franks I could find – Hebrew National quarter pounders!  I then had to supersize the lumpia wrappers too.  I found some that were almost record album sized.  No measly ’45s for my Schlumpia®.

I first grilled the frankfurters to ensure they had a nice crunch and some sporty grill marks.  I then wrapped them up and sliced them to make convenient appetizer sized pieces. They’re served with spicy brown deli mustard (no bright yellow mustard for Uncle Larry) and some kosher dill pickle slices.  Although they may not be as involved as some of my other culinary creations, they seem to be a fan favorite.

Bet you can’t eat just one of them.

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