Salami & Eggs

My family and I just returned from a fun vacation in Montreal.  We took a very informative and delicious walking tour of Jewish food in Montreal called “Beyond the Bagel”.  We tasted bagels, bialys, chocolate babka, rugelach, smoked meat, and pickles.

The inspiration for a new Schlumpia® variety came when we experienced an interesting sandwich called the “Special” at Wilensky’s Light Lunch. It consisted of grilled beef salami and bologna with mustard on a Kaiser roll that was pressed on the grill like a panini.

Wilensky’s has some strict rules:  They will not cut the sandwich in half nor will they let you order it sans mustard and they’ve enforced these stringent rules since 1932.

According to the Ramone’s song “Commando”, the fourth rule is “Eat Kosher Salamis“.   Uncle Larry’s Schlumpia® wanted to make something that demonstrates its firm belief of the Ramone’s rule #4 without being as rigid as Wilensky’s.

We start with a midget  kosher salami, dice it into small cubes and fry it up to develop some crispiness, then add some scrambled farm fresh eggs and cook it pancake style.  We roll some up in a lumpia wrapper, fry it, and serve it with an optional spicy brown mustard dipping sauce and an equally optional pickle.  It’s crunchy, flavorful and delicious. Try some soon and enjoy!

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