Pastrami Reuben Schlumpia®

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Uncle Larry’s Pastrami Reuben Schlumpia®.  It’s a multi-cultural taste treat – Irish, Filipino, Jewish, Russian, Swiss & German all in one delicious package.  These Schlumpia® start with handcrafted smoky/spicy pastrami that’s slow roasted for peak flavor and tenderness.  It’s rolled into lumpia wrappers with sauerkraut and Russian dressing.

Hey – Wait a minute!  Where’s the Swiss cheese?  Well – that’s a bit complicated.  Uncle Larry’s Schlumpia® are not technically kosher, but they are kosher style.  That means they don’t contain pork or shellfish and we don’t mix milk and meat in our Schlumpia®.  But if that’s not a concern to you, then we suggest you simply dip these crispy taste treats into a Guinness Swiss cheese mustard dipping sauce, otherwise, a dunk into some spicy deli mustard works well too.  So technically, these aren’t Pastrami Reuben Schlumpia®, but more like Pastrami Rubin Schlumpia®.

Order some for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, or whenever you have a hankering for something really, really good.

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