Apple Strudel Schlumpia®

Summer is over and Autumn is here.  The season is known for  Apple picking, fall foliage and Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some apple strudel Schlumpia®.

We start by peeling and chopping some Granny Smith apples, chop and toast walnuts and soak some golden raisins in  Gosling’s dark rum (What wouldn’t be good soaked in dark rum?)

Then we cook the apples, add some spices and roll them into lumpia wrappers, thus transforming them into Apple Strudel Schlumpia®. The final step is to sprinkle on some confectioner’s sugar. They can be served with fresh raspberries or to emphasize the  Jewish-Filipino fusion element, just add a scoop of ube ice cream.  They’re great hot and are probably equally good at room temperature, but they seem to disappear too quickly to try them like that.

After I made my last batch of Apple Strudel Schlumpia®, I decided to surprise the folks at my local Starbucks with a Random act of  Schlumpia®

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